Our design process starts with getting to know you, knowing your preferences, and how you live. Every experience-based design choice made for your home is deliberate. How you will move and feel within it is carefully considered. We honor and value each home we create, thoughtfully guiding you through the process the entire time. Projects often span several months to a year, developing often long-lasting client relationship that we cherish. It is the reason our clients call us back time and time again to work with us on their next dream home projects. Whatever it takes, our goal is always the same: to create the home of your dreams without the stress!

Floor Plans Designs & 3D Renderings

After detailed discussions about your design needs & style preferences, we literally sit down at the drafting table to start the process. Complete 2D floor plan design drawings and/or reinvention of poorly configured existing spaces are created. Our in-house drafting team and 3D renderers will draw up plans of your home reflecting Lara’s designs. The drawings effectively communicate how your rooms will look and flow and are the springboard for all designs, contracting quotes, and guides throughout the process.


Custom Furniture Design, Millwork & Custom Built-ins

Your design plans will include Lara’s innovative and carefully considered furniture layouts which are comprised of stand-alone furniture pieces, custom furniture, custom built-ins, and details such as custom millwork. A major part of our design business is creating unique and beautiful custom items such as built-in TV units, bookcases, bars, bathroom vanities, cabinets, mud room benches, cubbies, paneling, and moldings. Our incredible carpentry workroom can create anything Lara dreams up which often incorporate special finishes, decorative inlays, panels, and lighting, just to name a few.   

Lighting Design, Plans, & Selections

Proper lighting is a must for all the different spaces we live in. Lara’s designs incorporate a mix of superlative lighting for task areas, ambient lighting for mood, and excellent broad lighting for general areas. Stunning decorative lighting and singular statement fixtures are selected for key spots. LED and efficient lighting is incorporated into Lara’s designs as much as possible.

Complete Bathroom Design

We complete around 20 full bathroom renovations each year which include powder rooms, kid’s bathrooms, master bathrooms, guest room bathrooms, and pool house/cabana bathrooms. Lara’s custom bathroom vanity designs always incorporate unique finishes and details. Each vanity Lara designs is different and special according to your storage needs and design tastes, no 2 are ever the same. Beautiful tile designs, countertop materials, fixtures, and lighting are artfully blended with both beauty and function in mind.

Complete Kitchen Design

Kitchen projects are a favorite as we love creating a gorgeous “hub” of the house, where most of the daily action occurs. Lara’s kitchen designs feature detailed custom cabinetry which are based around your cooking, storage, and living needs. Unique countertops, flooring, backsplashes, lighting, seating, appliances, colors, and furniture are all selected and brought together in perfect harmony. No detail is overlooked as we implement, manage, and oversee the entire project so your experience is as stress-free as possible.

Full Home Design & Décor

We treat each room as a special space on to its own, but also as an integral part of the entire home. Your home should reflect your style and should function to enhance your living to the fullest. Lara’s full home design will reflect the totality of both these facts, as each item she selects, or designs is thoughtfully orchestrated towards that goal. From every single piece of furniture to the flooring you walk on, color palette, accessories, artwork, window treatments, etc., all is considered to ensure you absolutely love coming home.

Complete Project Oversight

Catering to a high-end client is what we do best. We are keenly aware that your time is precious and that you desire a stress-free design process. To this end, Lara will personally manage your entire design project from our initial design meetings to the installation of the last piece of artwork and ensure no detail is overlooked. We will coordinate, schedule, and oversee all deliveries, inspect, and place them. We coordinate, schedule, and oversee all contractor’s work to ensure a productive work pace occurs and designs are being followed accurately. Our team is simply the best, taking immense pride in our work and always adhering to the highest quality and standards. Our motto is simply: “we are not happy until our clients our happy.” Let us show you how we practice what we preach each & every day!

Budgeting & Scheduling

Calendar creation & organized budgeting are essential to every interior design project to help manage the flow of work and ensure timely payments to contractors and order fulfillments. We keep detailed accounting of payments to ensure your project moves along smoothly. We coordinate all contractor’s schedules and payments, as well as schedule and oversee all your deliveries to ensure everything is perfect. Our team works in unison, like a well-oiled machine, always on the same page towards our common end goal: that the most efficient, excellent, and elegant job is performed.